WimpPatch 1.02

This page was last modified on the 17th of November 1997

The problem

Recently, a problem has come to light when some applications are used with the new Window Manager (aka the Wimp).

When an application starts up in the desktop, it tells the Wimp what version of the Wimp it needs to operate. The Wimp in return tells the application what version is actually present.

The problem is that some applications then use the version of the Wimp that they are told in order to deduce what operating system the machine has.

!ChangeFSI, for expample, uses the version of the Wimp to decide whether or not it should use Dynamic Areas (which only work on RiscPCs).

The patch

This patch modifies the Wimp module that is loaded by !Boot so that applications are told that the Wimp is version 3.16 (ie. the normal RISC OS 3.11 version) unless they explicitly state that they require a later version of the Wimp.

The patch is intended for use with a RiscPC (new) style !Boot. If your !Boot is differently organised then I assume you have enough know-how to make this patch work with your setup.

NB: If you have already installed a previous version of this patch, you can use this version without removing the previous patch.

The patch can be easily removed if necessary :)


    WimpPatch Version 1.02 (17 Nov 1997)


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