This site is currently very out of date...

These days I spend a lot of my free time gaming with my friends in the

{R$A} UT2k4 sniper clan

Just about everything below this point is over 4 years old... some of it is still relevant, most is not. Some of it is just there because RISC OS was the love of my computing life before I was seduced by that sexy beast called Linux ;)

One of these days I'll update these pages properly...

Well, it might happen!

In any case, I now have a blog which is at least likely to get updated more quickly than anything here.

About the Musus Umbra

Goodness, it'd been a long time since I updated this page. Ah well, since it's now 2002 I guess it's time to brush the cobwebs away...

The Piccies

Beware! Don't look any further if you are of a nervous disposition... Tuck small children safely up in bed... Move any milk drinks away from the screen to avoid the inevitable curdling... These are pictures of me:
Gothic Adny An old picture of a more gothique Adny a03.jpg Adny & his little kitten, Kerryl
Daemonic Adny A somewhat daemonic looking Adny - thanks largely to the poor lighting :-) Natural Adny And, in contrast, an Adny au naturel
Adny & Werren Werren is my (largest) sword. For an idea of the scale, I'm over 6' tall... Savage Adny Frightening Charis (who's behind the camera)...
Stern Adny A stern looking Adny

Charis (my lovely wife, and She Who Must Approve All Computing Expenses) also has a couple of pictures with me in... why not check her pages? There's even an extremely rare picture of me looking smart... (well, it was our wedding day, after all...)


Well, for a start, the name on my brith certificate is actually Andrew James Holdsworth, but only my parents (and mother-in-law) call me Andrew.

Most people call me Adny. A few people call me Moogle. Some even refer to me as the BHF (big hairy f*** :-)

The name Musus Umbra just kind of happened, if you see what I mean... I know that it should really be Mus Umbrarum (it's latin for Mouse of Shadows) but I didn't actually notice that I'd gotten it wrong soon enough to change it...

Why Mouse of Shadows? Well, I've been told that I look kinda scary and intimidating until you actually get to know me, then I'm just a cute huggable bundle of joy (please don't vomit over your keyboard - use a bucket). Musus Umbra seems to fit well with that.

Vital Statistics

At the moment I'm over a quarter century old although for some reason a lot of people have difficulty believing it. I certainly do. As best I can make out I'm still 6 so quite where those other twenty-three (!) years have come from is a mystery, frankly.

I'm 6'2" tall. That's 1879.6mm, or a just over one and a half a pico-seconds at TD4. Naturally, these figures are subject to change without notice. In fact, since we're currently lacking an absolute reference point of any kind, it's safe to say that these figures are utterly meaningless.

So I'm not going to mention weight. Okay?

For those that really care about such things I'm usually large and solid with a 28" pony tail. I don't believe in haircuts, having completely abandoned the practice about a decade ago.


Well, obviously there's computing/programming.... And every now and again I make black boxes with flashing lights that go braxxat! blitz! phut and melt the yards of colourful ribbon cable they are so intimately entwined with...

I've been playing guitar (electric lead/rhythm/bass and acoustic) for years now and stand as a fine counter-example to the old adage practice makes perfect. Actually, I used to be a whole lot better but then didn't play for a couple of years and more or less lost it :-(

Other Bits and Bobs

I'm married (to the delectable Charis) with no kids, one cat, a couple of dozen (or so) computers and a host of allergies I call George. Needless to say, I'm allergic to the cat in a big way.

Ever since the days of the BBC Micro, I've been an avid Acorn enthusiast. These days I tend to use Linux (on x86 boxes) for most things, however. RISC OS is still my favourite OS for having fun but Linux is definitely my OS of choice for actually getting things done.

Geek Code

The last time I bothered to update it, my geek code looked like this:
Version 3.12
GCS/AT  dpu(---) s++:+ a- C++(+++) US+@ P+(---) L>+ E- W++(--) N++(*)
        w---(+) !O M(-) V-- PS+(+++) PE-- Y+ PGP+ t@ 5++(+++) X+
        R(++) tv b+++ DI+(++) D++(---) G++ e(++) h(---) r+++ y+++**

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