RISC OS MoonTool

MoonTool is a desktop application that displays the times of the various phases of the Moon and a picture of the current Phase of the Moon.

MoonTool was first ported to RISC OS in 1993 by Edouard Poor. This version offers many enhancements over the original port.

The application's help text is viewable here in HTML format (it is included in the distribution in both plain text and HTML forms) and you may also peruse some screenshots to see what I've done to the displays...

I'm sorry to say that I've pretty much stopped using RISC OS these days so it's unlikely that I'll do any more work on this port of MoonTool.

If you're interested in Astronomy software, etc. for RISC OS, check out ROAST.

NB: Several of the archives here contain out of date contact information for me. Since you're reading this page (and not one of the aforementioned out of date, and indeed no-longer-in-existence, pages), I'll assume that you can figure out how to get in touch with me, should you need to.


News & Updates


Iyonix compatibility, etc.

I'm told that my 'normal' releases of MoonTool work under the Aemulor.

My thanks to Bruno D'Arcangeli who recompiled MoonTool 3.26 to be 32bit clean and therefore suitable for running natively on the Iyonix, etc.

Thanks also to Chris Terran (of ROAST) for providing a 32 bit recompilation of the new (beta) MoonTool 3.27.

The update zipfiles contain only the new !RunImages for MoonTool. The thing to do is to download the normal MoonTool archive and then copy the !RunImage from the update into it (i.e. replace the existing !RunImage inside !MoonTool).

I don't have the hardware to test the updates, but I'm told they work without problems.



Beta-test version(s)

Stable version

Old version(s)



If you want to tinker or recompile you'll need the souce code and DeskLib. Oh, and a C compiler.


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