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This site is currently very out of date...

These days I spend a lot of my free time gaming with my friends in the

{R$A} UT2k4 sniper clan

Just about everything below this point is over 4 years old... some of it is still relevant, most is not. Some of it is just there because RISC OS was the love of my computing life before I was seduced by that sexy beast called Linux ;)

One of these days I'll update these pages properly...

Well, it might happen!

In any case, I now have a blog which is at least likely to get updated more quickly than anything here.

Site last updated 19th August 2003

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Site Contents

Please note that all software is for Acorn RISC OS and most definitely not for those dreadful Wintel things.

All About Me
The obligatory page of personal info, complete with photographs...

Last updated 6th May 2002

Angband and Variants
Including Angband, Cthangband, Kamband, Oangband, Pziband, Yin-Yangband and Zangband

Last updated 25th October 2001

A player for Infocom style adventure games

Last updated 18th September 1999

The Moon on your desktop!

Last updated 19th August 2003

Voyager Stuff
VIXes, Vixens and Patches

Last updated 14th Sep 1999

A high quality MineSweeper game

Last updated 18th September 1999
Now RISC OS 4 compatible.

[ Isis Astarte Diana Hekate Demeter Kali Inanna ]


Lady Charis' Pages
My wife's site

Last updated 27th April 2005

'Mostly Finished Things'
Some 'almost complete' software

Last updated 21st January 2003

Command-line stuff
A collection of utilities for use at the command line

Last updated 29th March 2000

Patches, etc.
Various patches and tweaks

Last updated 2nd September 1998

Freeware, etc.
Some Freeware that I've written

Last updated 21st January 2003

Angband utilities
Utilities, etc. for Angband and its variants

Last updated 12th July 1998

Some documents that didn't belong elsewhere, including our PGP public keys.

Last updated 14th Spetember 1998


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