Musus Umbra's HTML loading patch for Voyager (Version 2)

Added 10th June 1998


Okay, so the original version of this patch was designed to allow other browsers to replace the original Voyager browser (webvoyage). In particular, folks wanted to use ArcWeb or the (Voy)Browse betas.

Since those heady days, Voyager has moved on and now uses Fresco as its standard browser. For various reasons, some people want to use a different browser - hence the repackaging of this patch.

As supplied, this patch is pretty much identical to the original (the only real change to the patch side of things is the addition of Argo's version of Fresco to the list of browsers the patch knows about).

This version also includes a little VIX that lets you neatly start Browse from the Voyager tool bar.

How the patch helps

The main wrinkle with trying to replace Voyager's browser (what ever it happens to be) is that Voyager itself (ie. the little telephone) will try to 'start' HTML files itself if they are double-clicked on.

If you've got Browse loaded, you no doubt want Browse to get the file... but what would (usually) happen is that Voyager would 'claim' the file, notice that Fresco wasn't running and then start Fresco to display the file - Browse wouldn't even have a chance to notice the file being run.

With this patch, Voyager still 'claims' the file but then gives it to the patch which (sensibly) checks to see if a browser is already running and passes the file to that if it is.

Because the patch tests for browsers in a set order, you can make Browse pre-empt Fresco for files loaded in this way, or vice-versa. As supplied, Browse will always override Fresco for double-clicked files if it (Browse) is loaded.


    HTML load fix Version 2.00 (10 Jun 1998)


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