Musus Umbra's HTML loading patch for Voyager

Updated 19th Dec 1997

There can't be many Argonauts still using WebVoyage (the browser that is supplied as part of Voyager), especially now that Browse (and VoyBrowse) are readily available and generally far superior.

I for one installed ArcWeb in place of WebVoyage within days of getting Voyager...

But, there is a wrinkle...

Voyager (ie. the dialler - the little telephone on the icon bar) tries to be helpful, and if you double-click on an HTML file (or choose Load Manual from its iconbar menu), it will 'claim' the file itself, and then try to get WebVoyage to load the file.

Clearly this causes upset if you aren't using WebVoyage... For instance, if you've fiddled the !Voyager.Apps.Web.!Run file to load your favourite browser instead of WebVoyage, Voyager will happily start another copy of your browser and load the file into that... unless it's (Voy)Browse, in which case, it might not load the file. It all depends.

So, here's my solution:

This is a simple patch that intercepts Voyager's attempts to start WebVoyage, and instead does what Voyager is trying to do, but for your browser.

The patch is supplied with example files for Browse and VoyBrowse, and is simple to tailor for any browser (eg. ArcWeb).

I reckon that it should take about 30 seconds to install (not including the time to read the instructions, of course :)


    HTML load fix Version 1.01 (19 Dec 1997)


As usual with freeware, there is no warranty of any kind. The author cannot be help responsible for any loss/damage arising from the use/inability to use this software. It is the user's responsibility to determine the fitness of this software for any purpose they put it to.
(But if it doesn't work, I will try to help :-)
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