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Last updated 18th September 1999
Current Version 1.36/2.32

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FROTZ is a freeware interpreter for Infocom games. It complies with standard 1.0 of Graham Nelson's specification and was written by Stefan Jokisch in 1995-7.

On a whim, sometime around December '96, I downloaded the source and set about hacking together a quick RISC OS version. That quick version was abandonned in favour of a re-written desktop version. That rewrite was abandonned in favour of a more elegant re-write. And so on.
The upshot of all this is that I am now responsible for the RISC OS port of Frotz.

Although my port is not strictly complete, the only real omision is the support for graphical games (of which there are only four).

Sadly, I've had to shelf plans to rewrite the port and add such niceties as support for the V6 graphical games. I will still endeavour to fix bugs that are reported though.

Changes since 1.35

Changes since 1.34beta

Changes since 1.32beta

Changes since 1.25beta


This archive is a zip file. Decompress with SparkFS, SparkPlug or InfoZIP.

The previous release of Frotz (1.25beta) may be found in   The frotz directory at GMD, along with the ports for other platforms.

Some useful links:

The infocom-format games directory of the if-archive at GMD
The 'Official' Frotz home-page

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