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* aol.txt          5K  15:08.50 11 Mar 1998  Text
        The Diary of an AOL newbie
        I was sent this long, long ago...  after a request in
        argonet.acorn.voyager, here it is!

*     88378  15:56.24 28 Aug 1998  Zip Archive
        By request: An A4 sheet (designed to be folded into A6)
        giving simple descriptions of some ancient Norse Runes, and a simple
        method of divination using them. (Acorn Drawfile format)

*      65093  15:51.12 28 Aug 1998  Zip Archive
        The drawfile contained in makes use of a font called
        Bolt.  AFAIK, I obtained this font from a PD source so I've
        put it here in case you don't already have it.

* looksv.htm     4544  11:58.30 10 Sep 1998  HTML document
        (As referred to in argonet.zfc)
        The text from the back of the box a glass screen filter I bought
        some years ago... a lovely example of failed translation :)

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