Musus Umbra's Command line Utilities

NB: These pages are still under construction!

Most of these utilities were written to fulfill a specific need at a specific time. I do, however, always try to make such things as general as reasonable, so it's quite possible that something here may interest you...

The best place for these is in your library directory, but feel free to put them wherever you wish.

See the foot of the page for an explanation of what the little symbols mean!

Note that all these utilities are supplied with full source code :-)

What the little symbols mean..

[CU] denotes a utility written in C (or very occasionally BASIC). These utilities are suitable for use at the command line, from obey files, etc. but not from within programs.

[TR] denotes a transient utility written in assembler. Transient utilities may be used in exactly the same way as the [CU] C utilities, but may also be used within programs.

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