RISC OS Angband - System Requirements

This page details the system requirements (ie. memory and discspace, etc.) of the various Angband Variant ports I have compiled with my front-end.

Please note that these versions all require RISC OS 3 (or later) and a harddisc. Actually, it is possible to run most of them from a floppy (some even from a DD floppy!) with a little effort...

The code itself is RISC OS 2 compatible, but the executables are not - please mail me for details if you need a RISC OS 2 version for any reason...

All disc-space figures are rounded up to the nearest half megabyte.

The memory sizes given are what you will need (in total) in your machine to have a chance of using the given game.

Memory / Disc Space requirements

                           |  Disc   |    M E M O R Y
                     Game  |  Space  |  Total  |   Free   
            Angband 2.9.0  |  1.5Mb  |   2Mb   |  1400Kb
            Angband 2.8.3  |  1.5Mb  |   2Mb   |  1300Kb
Angband 2.8.3 (with Borg)  |  1.5Mb  |   4Mb   |  1800Kb  
         Cthangband 3.0.1  |   2Mb   |   4Mb   |  1600Kb  
         Cthangband 3.1.1  |   2Mb   |   4Mb   |  1600Kb
              Kamband 1.4  |   2Mb   |   4Mb   |  1600Kb
              Kamband 1.7  |   2Mb   |   4Mb   |  1600Kb  
              Kamband 1.8  |   2Mb   |   4Mb   |  1700Kb
           Oangband 0.3.2  |   2Mb   |   2Mb   |  1500Kb
           Oangband 0.4.0  |   2Mb   |   2Mb   |  1600Kb
           Pziband 2.1.0e  |   2Mb   |   4Mb   |  1600Kb
          Sangband 0.9.5b  |  1.5Mb  |   2Mb   |  1300Kb
         Yin-Yangband 0.1  |  1.5Mb  |   2Mb   |  1200Kb
          Zangband 2.1.1c  |   2Mb   |   4Mb   |  1600Kb
          Zangband 2.2.3+  |  2.5Mb  |   4Mb   |  2048Kb



Angband 2.9.0

This should fit into a 2Mb machine although 4Mb is (obviously) preferable...


Angband 2.8.3 (with Borg)

Really needs an ARM3 (or better) for a respectable speed.


Cthangband 3.0.1, Kamband 1.4 and 1.7

Runnable on a 2Mb machine, at a (tight!) squeeze.


Zangband 2.1.1c

Runnable on a 2Mb machine, at a (tight!) squeeze.


Zangband 2.2.3

One of the improvements of 2.2.3 over the earlier 2.2.2 versions is a significant reduction in memory requirements (well over 1Mb!). Thanks to this I'm happy to be able to say that 2.2.3 will easily run on a 4Mb machine.

I'd recommend an ARM3 or later - there are signicant delays at certain times in the game (eg. walking from one wilderness sector to another, or entering/leaving some buildings in the town) which will be very annoying on an ARM2 machine, although the worst can be reduced dramatically (elimianted even) by turning the wilderness off when generating your character.

Please note that individual set-ups can vary considerably. To the best of my knowledge the information given here is accurate, and I have actually tested (and run) as many games as possible on the "minimum specification" machines I list. If you find that you cannot then you may need to (temporarily) reconfigure your system to free up enough memory, etc.

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