Compiling Angband and Variants

for Acorn RISC OS machines


What do I need to compile Angband?

To compile Angband (or one of its variants) for RISC OS using my front-end, you're going to need:


An ANSI C compiler

For example, Acorn's Desktop C release 4 or 5, or GCC.

To get a working installation of GCC, I'd recommend following the instructions given in the Doom It Yourself pages on Acorn Arcade.


Desklib version 2.30

This is my preferred Wimp library. You can download it from Argo's FTP site amongst other places.


Some sort of make utility.

Acorn's C comes with AMU, or if you followed the GCC setup instructions on Acorn Arcade you'll already have GNU make.


My source-release archive.

This contains my front-end code and the necessary support files to put together a working *band. It also contains some useful information and tools to help.

The current release is Version 1.26 [158K Zipfile].


A working knowledge of C, etc.

'Nuff said.

  Musus Umbra, 1999.

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