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If you don't know what Angband is, you'd probably better see somewhere like the Angband homepage to find out, 'cuz I'm not telling. You might also like to see Thangorodrim.

If, on the other hand, you do know what Angband is, then you might just be interested in one or more of these little utilities designed to make life easier. These are RISC OS applications, so if you've stumbled upon these pages from the murky depths some other OS or, worse yet, Wintel land you're fresh out of luck I'm afraid.

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XdY+ is a (fairly) simple little application to compare the performance of different weapons 'statistically'.

Whoah, I can multiply and add up! Why do I need it?
Well, it's not quite as simple as just averaging the damage indicated by the xdy (+h,+d) figures quoted for the weapon. Oh, no. There's all sorts of hidden extras to be computed. Every piece of information supplied on the 'Details' (ie. main) window of !XdY+ is needed to accurately compute the average damage done per player turn.

If you're still not convinced, get a hold of ATTACK.SPO (the spoiler file dealing with this sort of thing), and have a read. Then, either do what I did (write XdY+), settle down with a calculator, or (and I know it's a long shot)... use XdY+.

Okay, So what exactly does it do?
XdY+ computes the probability of landing a hit (both critical and normal) against a certain AC, and then uses that information to calculate a figure for average damage done per round, along with damage per hit (ie. ignoring the hit probability) and max/min possible damages.




NB: version 1.04 contained a small bug which prevented compressed savefiles from restoring even though they were perfectly OK. (eg. you could have restored them by hand if need be).

Please Note: There should be a newer version of SaveMung here soonish. There's nothing particularly wrong with this version, but there are a few things I want to improve/change.

The biggest drawback with SaveMung at the moment is that it only works for Vanilla Angband (ie. the original). Sometime soon I hope to have the time to rewrite it properly to handle all the variants too.

Basically, SaveMung handles backups of saved games. You could simply use it to keep a backup of your savefiles in case a crash (or accidental deletion) trashes them, but I suspect most players will want to use it for savefile abuse, ie. taking and restoring from savefile backups to avoid irksome things like dying.

The purists may well say that savefile abuse is cheating, but I say that a lot depends on the circumstances. For instance, if you've ever gone to make a cup of tea and come back to find that your cat has managed, by dint of going to sleep on the keyboard, to persuade your 45th level Mage to quaff a Potion of Death you might well consider it prudent rather than cheating.

Personally I only use SaveMung to recover from such cat-astrophes, not to cheat death (despite what it says in the About this program box...), and I'd recommend that you try to do the same.

SaveMung has a couple of neat features, including:




FSpell is a utility to automate the production of '.prf' files mapping prayers/spells onto function keys for Angband. The source file is much easier to set up and alter than the raw .prf files.

Besides the actual code, the archive contains a drawfile for printing out keystrips, two blank source files (with spell/prayer names in) to make it even easier to use fspell, and the full C source code.




A .prf file that maps the dungeon walls, etc. onto the pseudo graphics characters in the standard IBM character set.

Also includes a little utility to redefine some of the RISC OS system font to match the aforementioned IBM font so that the .prf file has the desired effect :)

New in 1.01: a .prf file for Sangband (Thanks to Thomas Harris for this).

This little ditty is only really of any use if you use the system font to play with (all the Kevin Bracey ports use the system font - mine allow it as an option)


Zangband Patch


A little patch to make Zangband 2.0.1 use filetype &019 instead of &119 (to avoid clashes with Sangband, for instance).

This patch is only for the Zangband 2.0.1 (as available from the "Angband Bonanza!" site in the links section below). My ports use &019 of their own accord.


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