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In Real Life™ my name is Olga (my mother read the name in a book when she was young and knew that if she had a daughter she wanted to name her Olga!), but a lot of online folk call me Charis, so I answer to that too!.

The name Lady Charis of Verelanthe was bestowed upon me by my hubbie Adny as was the surname Holdsworth.


Yup, 'fraid so... We were formally married in Leeds Register Office on the 6th of August, 1994.
Click on the thumbnail for a decent size picture of us just outside the Register Office.
Our 10th Wedding Anniversary now has a page of its own!

Boring details

 I'm 35 (if I don't update my site, I was born in September 1972, so you can count up!) and live in sunny Newcastle upon Tyne with Adny and Kerryl. I took this picture of them when they were both fast asleep...
Aren't my kittens just sooooo sweet?

I got my BSc in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (which is where I met Adny) in 1994, and consequently spent two years unemployed, there not being much demand for astrophysicists in Newcastle these days.

Then I got a break and shortly afterwards a job... I currently work as an instrument development technician in a R&D lab for a company that designs and makes water testing equipment.

Hobbies & Interests

For several years now I've been a practising witch (click on the pentacle on my home page if you don't know what that means...) which would no doubt come as a complete surprise to the morons who seem to think that yelling "Witch!" at people in the street is witty.

I'm also "into" aromatherapy (and herbalism to a lesser degree), and make jewellery and clothes (some of the dresses in my photo gallery, for instance... see if you can guess which!)

My other hobbies include Poi, listening to good music, and reading.
I'm planning to visit Germany later this year for the
Amphi music festival.

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