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Lady Charis of Verelanthe

This website is the online presence of Olga Holdsworth

Welcome to my little corner of the net!

Now then, where shall we go...

To my photo galleries perhaps?

Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

Would you like to know a little bit about me perhaps?

Or maybe you'd like to see some Poi Twirling?
There are some pictures and a video of me twirling Fire Poi too!

I also have a frequently asked questions page.

Pictures of Kerryl, my cat.

My links page.

My jewellery page for handmade Steampunk and Cyberpunk jewellery.

My Cyber art page for handmade Cyberpunk artwork.

My Etsy Shop!

My Blog!

My Deviant Art page

Last modified October 2012: Blog and DA links added.

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